Oct 27, 2009

A new obstacle for Formula One in Montreal?

Alleged ties to organized crime, companies conspiring to fix the tendering process, and syndicates artificially inflating bids has added interest to the mayoral race in Montreal.

See: http://bit.ly/16W4xC

But while fun to watch and an fascinating study in corruption, a question remains: Will the growing controversy put Montreal's return to the Formula One calendar in jeopardy?

With public money under the microscope and the Canadian Grand Prix requiring $millions in logistics help, could gun shy civic politicians put the brakes on new contacts for the F1 race in Montreal.

Although the work would be done through the promoter group, perhaps the idea of committing $millions that soon after the election will be enough to make the city hesitate.

Although word is that a deal is done and an announcement is on the way, maybe the city will want to avoid signing a multi-million dollar deal in this climate of corruption.

Just a thought...

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