Nov 11, 2009

Where's the F1 test for Wickens?

Italian teenager Mirko Bortolotti gets a test with Formula One’s Toro Rosso team next month after finishing fourth in this year's Formula Two Championship.

Meanwhile, Canadian Robert Wickens who was second overall in F2 gets nothing. Remember that the Canadian holds a Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) superlicence due to his top finish in F2. Bortolotti does not.

Like Bortolotti, Wickens, 20, is a member of the Red Bull Junior programme. But Wickens was the top driver racing for the energy drink company in F2.

Rumours has it that Red Bull is about to drop Wickens, which would be a bit of a puzzling decision.

Let’s also remember that although the cars in F2 were strictly controlled during the season to ensure they are as equal as possible, many drivers used their deep pockets to gain an advantage. Series champion Andy Soucek apparently had personal engineers working for his for the season. No wonder he had a great car each race weekend.

Wickens on the other hand, made do with what he was given and still shined in the series and finished second overall despite three mechanical DNFs which stole several points from the Canadian.

What Wickens will do without Red Bull remains to be seen, but it is hoped that a Canadian company steps forward and to keep his career on track.

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